Neo Nazi? Who are they?

Once again neo-Nazi groups are do crimes. Now, who later became his victim was a young man of Indonesia in Berlin, Germany.

Quoted from the official IRNA news agency reported that an anonymous men in Indonesia 23 years of age. He was seriously wounded after an abuse. So the neo-Nazi?

Neo-Nazis are a group that wanted the ideology of Nazism revived after the Second World War. Group of neo-Nazi groups have different ideas, but usually have a common allegiance to carry out Adolf Hitler, the Nazis dedengkot.

Neo-Nazis often use the symbols of Nazi Germany, as the swastika, Sig Runes and the red-white-black. Nazism also uses Nazi doctrine, as militant nationalism, fascism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and antisemitism.

Neo-Nazis in Germany not only evolve as a nation to understand the formation of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Neo-Nazim has spread to several countries, both based in Europe, America, Asia. Not only politically and economically, neo-Nazis also developed in other species, including works of art.

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The neo-Nazi activity has become a global phenomenon that is organized in many countries. Many countries in Europe and Latin America that laws prohibiting the expression of neo-Nazis. » Read more: Neo Nazi? Who are they?

William J. Clinton Foundation Performs Lady Gaga – Decade of Different Concert

Ten years, William J. Clinton Foundation, the difference shows, is celebrating 10 years of basic and 65 th anniversary of former president, had relatively few tears (read Usher’s pants), who gave away a few tears, the guest of honor himself . Stevie Wonder opened the evening with his classic “Sir Duke” and closed his set his funky “Superstition”. Forget global audience: Wonder tearing and Clinton were all in place.

Next, the presenter Laura Ling (the journalist who was imprisoned in North Korea along with Euna Lee on a journey into the country from China) paid tribute to former President Clinton for his public service and literally saved my life. Kenny Chesney and then took the stage, opening with her singles “Somewhere With You” and “Beer in Mexico”. The country superstar, famous and talented leggy Grace Potter (of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals), and two hit songs one of them, “You and Tequila.”
Next Up: K’naan, who moved the crowd with his personal history growing up in Somalia and Clinton’s first person of peace in 1992. K’naan closed since his audience to sing along with “Wavin Flag”. “After K’naan, actress Maria Bello presented the superstar Colombian Juanes, who got the crowd dancing to his song hit” La Camisa Negra “.
The night segued seamlessly into a film starring Clinton Foundation global efforts to combat the existence of HIV and AIDS, and it was Ashton Kutcher is to introduce the next song (Usher). He spoke of Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation, which he formed with his wife Demi Moore to fight sex trafficking of young girls.

Of course, Usher took the stage and immediately stole the show by splitting his pants. After closer, “with a little help from my friends,” Usher bounced around the stage like he said “Yes!” and her wardrobe malfunction. “I work hard,” he said, removing that shrugs.
It was hard to stay upbeat momentum in the evening, because the icon Lady Gaga Usher then working the crowd and sang a direct message to the entire Clinton family. Bill, Hillary and Chelsea were all standing as Gaga Lyrics blotted out all their names.
Marilyn Monroe communicate with dusty blond wig Gaga got her “Happy Birthday” in the intro to “Born that way” and went on to say. “Bill, I have my first Marilyn moment”
Actually it was more like a fourth or a fifth of his. Gaga kept distributing charity, said the former president was “on the edge” and that he wanted was “Sax play with me, baby.” It was all in good fun, and the whole clan, Clinton smiled and applauded. Lady Gaga sings until the end of it.
After the performance Gaga, Jason Seger announced Funny or Die original. In it, Ben Stiller aggregate Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and how they have tried everything to drum new ideas for the Clinton Foundation. Wiig proposed ban on the breath, everyone in the world hold their breath for a minute and Penn hit the “simple action” to prevent people from stealing his lunch.
It ‘was an easy way to watch the tough Clinton addresses key issues and even joined in on the joke. Former President spoke to the group by phone, the camera quickly became clear that the voice on the other line was Kevin Spacey put the emphasis Arkansas. Clinton burst into the room and asked to stop prank calls from his office spacey all the time holding a brown bag labeled “Penn.” Laminates paused But if you missed it, do not get to see celebrity-studded video features the likes of Maria Bello, Robbie Robertson, Geena Davis and many others, all thanks to Clinton for his commitment to public service.
The daughter Chelsea was the second thanks to his father and share his parents and grandmother ranked among his heroes. And finally, the former president has grabbed the microphone and ran through its roster thanks, personally recognize all the people present. “How cool is 65 years and you get Lady Gaga. C’mon,” he said. “He said he was going to have a moment of Marilyn and I thought:” God, I’m going to have a heart attack. ”
Seriously, Clinton continues to fascinate, despite his self-proclaimed “uncool” glasses, and thanked the A-list of his friends, including on which Ling said, “I said,” There’s a girl to me in Korea the North. ”
Finally, when many were expecting. “Desire,” Bono and The Edge, which kicked off with his duo continued with their hit multiple PCI U2 “I have not found what I’m looking for,” and perhaps Rapid SSL certificate, slow, acoustic version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. Actually, not much will change with the people of U2: Bono and The Edge played as good as ever, but they are part of a string of “stare at the sun” and “One.”
Another new thing for them was probably the reintroduction of the Clinton duo for their Encore, “Miss Sarajevo”, a song all the more significant because of the time of Clinton’s presidency. “The president has led to the siege of Sarajevo,” said Bono.
Classic was slow and beautiful, even sans Pavarotti, Bono has gone to his singing. Colin Farrell quickly jumped on the stage into the final song for the promotion Will.I.Am forever Groovy “Feelin ‘Alright”, which marked close tonight.
The music stopped at the Hollywood Bowl was empty, and members of the audience was singing “Happy Birthday” to Clinton, who was the evening of awards, no doubt feel good.